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For healthcare with reflexotherapy

Reflexology practitioner certified since 1997. Member of APTN and ASCA.

You wish to improve your life quality and take control of your health. You will find here the support you need to stimulate your healing self-forces with non-invasive treatment methods. They are safe for everyone, at any age, from babies to the elderly.

"Do good to your body so that your soul wants to stay there" Indian quote

Foot reflexology

Gentle therapy by excellence, the foot reflexology is a manual technique that is preventive and curative at the same time. Stimulating the foot’s reflex zones along the numerous nerve pathways, is having an impact all over the organism.

The massage of specific reflex points will improve  blood circulation, boost the nervous system, rebalance organs, hormones and psychological state, and release tensions.

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Allergies treatment

Alleviate allergies for food, contact and pollen with the energetic methods Total Reset© and NAET©.

A natural, non-invasive and painless solution to free yourself from allergy-related deseas, intolerances and sensitivities. It’s suitable to everybody from infants to adults.

Detection and treatment of disruptive substances is done manually, using techniques from kinesiology and acupressure. The treatments are painless and non-invasive, but they require the active participation of the treated person that must not be in contact with the treated allergen during the 25 hours after the treatment.

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Graduated in reflexology since 1997. For me, health goes through touch.For a more active listening and a better global comprehension, I completed this approach by training in naturopathy, various techniques of massages, aromatherapy and nutrition.Various intolerances and family food allergies led me to discover the NAET method and to train with it in 2009.It is important for me to give you the tools to take care of yourself and your health.

It is my pleasure to accompany you on your path to well being

Réflexologie - myriam novelli


Consultations in English, French and Italian


Sessions' on going and quantity are adapted according to the evolution and the reactions of everyone.


From Monday to Friday, from 8:00 to 18:00

Exclusively on appointment


60 min. Session / CHF 110.-

Cash payment at the end of each session.

Reflexology : reimbursed by the complementary insurance of health insurance companies

Please check with your own health insurance company its modalities.

Total Reset© et NAET©: are not reimbursed by the complementary insurance of health insurances companies.

Therapist APTN and ASCA member